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Engineer and Instructor Tomasz Łakomy

Tomasz and I have been interacting on Twitter for some time now, so it was a lot of fun to finally speak with him. We talked about his experience getting into JavaScript and eventually becoming an authority on frontend development as well as the impact becoming a speaker has had on his career. Tomasz online: https://twitter.com/tlakomy

Developer Advocate Nader Dabit

Nader Dabit is a Developer Advocate working at AWS. He is also an author, blogger, and React Native expert. Nader and I talked a lot about his journey into tech and about the background we both share as technologists living in the southern United States away from the major tech hubs. Nader's internet home: https://twitter.com/dabit3

Software Engineering Manager Kate Taggart

Kate Taggart is an Engineering Manager at Stripe, they come from a very abstract and technical background, which was interesting for me as a self-taught developer. Kate covered their own experiences as an individual contributor and as a manager, comparing and contrasting the two for my benefit. It's probably important to note that I interviewed Kate back in August of 2019, it took me a bit longer than expected to share this one! Kate's internet home: https://twitter.com/qkate

Engineer and CTO Charity Majors

Charity Majors is the CTO of Honeycomb.io, and has spent a career deep in tech. We talked at length about her struggles and strategies for growth and the challenging transition from individual contributor to manager and leader. Charity is an incredibly authentic and open individual and I feel very lucky to have had the opportunity to chat with her. Charity's internet home: https://charity.wtf/

Developer Advocate Jason Lengstorf

Jason Lengstorf is a Developer Advocate, and at the time of this recording, he was heading up the learning team for Gatsby. During this interview, Jason and I cover his background and his experiences learning to lead. Near the end of the conversation, Jason shares his take of the differences between management and leadership. Jason's internet home: https://lengstorf.com/

DEV Webmaster and Founder Ben Halpern

Ben Halpern is best known for building the DEV community, centered around https://dev.to. During our conversation, we talked about his journey from marketer to developer and from developer to founder. Ben shared with me why he uses the title Webmaster and a little bit about his upbringing and unique world-view. Ben's Incredible Website: http://benhalpern.com/

Speaker and Software Engineer Laurie Barth

Laurie Barth is a mathematician turned Software Engineer. She is known for giving a ton of excellent talks and sharing her opinions about software development online. We got the change to talk about her start in tech, her transition from a tangential field, and her journey into speaking about her career at conferences. Laurie on Twitter: https://twitter.com/laurieontech

Creator of Laravel Taylor Otwell

Taylor Otwell is the creator and maintainer of Laravel, a PHP framework for modern web applications. Taylor's also a fellow Arkansan! We talked a ton about running an Open Source project and the successful career Taylor has built around the Laravel project. You can find more about Taylor on Twitter: https://twitter.com/taylorotwell

Lead Site Reliability Engineer Molly Struve

Molly Struve is a Lead Site Reliability Engineer, blogger, and speaker who I've been following on Twitter for quite a while. In our conversation we cover her experience transitioning into the software industry, dealing with imposter syndrome, and the struggles she has experienced growing into a leadership role. You can find more about Molly on Twitter: https://twitter.com/molly_struve

GoRails Creator and Consultant Chris Oliver

Chris is the creator and CEO of GoRails, a site that hosts his Ruby and Ruby on Rails screencasts. Chris is also an Open Source developer and a well-known content creator. He co-hosts the Remote Ruby podcast. In our conversation we talk about Chris' start in Open Source, the value of learning in the open, and his strategies for learning new skills. GoRails: https://gorails.com

Conference Speaker and Lead Engineer Jessica Kerr

Jessica is a Lead Engineer at Atomist, she is also a well-known conference speaker and writer. Jessica shared some of her strengths and taught me about thinking in systems. We also touched on some of the unique experiences Jessica has witnessed as a woman in tech. Jessica online: http://jessitron.com/

Pragmatic Programmers Andy Hunt and Dave Thomas

Andy Hunt and Dave Thomas are the authors of The Pragmatic Programmers, one of the most influential software engineering books of all time. Andy and Dave are also original members of the agile movement and have been writing code for several decades. They are programmers. Andy and Dave's internet home: https://pragprog.com/

Senior Software Engineer Cassidy Williams

Cassidy Williams is a Senior Software Engineer at CodePen. Before joining CodePen, Cassidy worked at a ton of different companies ranging from startups to Amazon. During the interview, we talk about her journey from beginner to senior and Cassidy shares her own strategies for growing as an engineer. Cassidy on the internet: https://twitter.com/cassidoo

AWS Consultant and Open Source Engineer Tung Nguyen

Tung Nguyen runs BoltOps, an AWS consultancy, and is the former VP of Engineering for Bleacher Report. Tung grew with Bleacher Report from the first hire to leading the engineering team, during our conversation we talk about that journey and about the differences now that he works independently. Tung's internet home: https://www.boltops.com/

Engineering VP and Mentor Justin Hennessy

Justin Hennessy is a Vice President of Engineering at Neto E-Commerce Solutions in Australia. Justin has been an engineering doer and facilitator for two decades and has developed expertise in mentoring other engineers. During this interview, Justin and I discuss his own experience as an engineer and how that experience helps him to be a more effective leader and mentor. Justin on the interwebs: https://justinhennessy.me/

Staff Software Engineer and Teacher Vaidehi Joshi

Vaidehi is a Staff Software Engineer at Tilde and creator of content series like BaseCS and BaseDS. She has built a career around educating others while building software. Vadehi and I discuss her experiences transitioning from a writing career, stepping into the dev community spotlight, and her strategies for self-improvement. Vaidehi's internet home: https://twitter.com/VaidehiJoshi

Entrepreneur and Freelance Engineer Jason Swett

Jason is a freelance software engineer and an expert on Ruby testing. He hosts the Ruby Testing podcast, writes technical books, teaches other developers, and is on a mission to build businesses with his technical skillset. During our talk, Jason shared his expertise in seeking new ways to increase your income as a developer and revealed his own experiences as a developer, author, teacher, and freelancer. Jason's internet home: https://www.codewithjason.com/

Open Source Maintainer Steve Klabnik

Steve Klabnik is an accomplished open source maintainer having worked on a huge number of projects. He is most well known for his work on Ruby, Rails, and Rust. During our interview, we talk about Steve's journey as a developer and the how open source has shaped his career. Steve's internet home: https://twitter.com/steveklabnik

Teacher and Developer Advocate Ali Spittel

Ali Spittel is a Developer Advocate at Dev.to and spent a portion of her career teaching new web developers at General Assembly. She has a ton of valuable experience when it comes to teaching others and getting involved in the community. Ali shares a lot of great content on Dev.to and on Twitter, where she has continued to develop her expertise as a developer and educator. Ali's internet home: https://twitter.com/ASpittel

International Software Engineer and Blogger Geshan Manandhar

Geshan Manandhar is a Senior Software Engineer with experience working in a number of different countries including Nepal, U.A.E., and Australia. He has been blogging and sharing his expertise for over a decade. Our conversation covers the usual subjects like leveling up and dealing with imposter syndrome, but we also dig into Geshan's experience working in unfamiliar environments and his strategies for dealing with new cultures. Geshan's internet home: https://geshan.com.np/

Gourmet Ruby Chef Avdi Grimm

Avdi is a prolific Ruby developer with deep ties to the community. A well-known speaker and educator, he created Ruby Tapas and has led a successful career as a consultant. Avdi shared his experiences with imposter syndrome and talked about the importance of acknowledging privilege where it exists in the software industry. Avdi's internet home: https://avdi.codes

UX Engineer and Coding Coach Founder Emma Bostian

Emma is an engineer at LogMeIn, the founder of Coding Coach, and a writer. She's currently living in Germany and sharing tons of great content on Twitter. Our conversation focuses on her early career and her foray into writing for an audience. Emma's internet home: https://twitter.com/EmmaBostian Neat thing Emma is making: codingcoach.io

Docker Captain and Freelance Developer Nick Janetakis

Nick Janetakis is an educator and developer in the DevOps space. He creates extremely high-quality content and courses that have enabled significant growth in his freelance career. Our discussion covers building confidence and the truth about being an expert. Nick's internet home: https://nickjanetakis.com and https://twitter.com/nickjanetakis

Principal Frontend Engineer Ben Ilegbodu

Ben Ilegbodu is a principal engineer at Eventbrite, a Microsoft MVP, and a speaker in the JavaScript community. During our conversation Ben shares his unconventional experience with imposter syndrome and his thoughts on becoming a senior developer. Ben's internet home: https://twitter.com/benmvp

Technical Writer and Freelancer Sophia Shoemaker

Sophia is an author and freelance web developer. Our conversation hones in on the concept of teaching others to build your own skills and career. Sophia's internet home: https://twitter.com/wisecobbler

Public Speaker and React Native Developer Erin Fox

Erin Fox is a React Native developer at Major League Soccer. Despite joining the software engineering industry recently she has spoken at a number of conferences and meetups. We talk about building confidence and the benefits of getting involved in the community. Erin's internet home: https://twitter.com/erinfoox/

Professional Mentor Ryan Bigg

Ryan Bigg is a well-known open source developer. Now he mentors junior developers fulltime at Culture Amp. Ryan shared his struggles as a beginner and some of the challenges he faces now that he is over a decade into his career. Ryan's internet home: https://ryanbigg.com/

Accessibility Guru and Engineering Manager Jen Luker

Jen Luker is a JavaScript developer turned manager. She is an expert on tech accessibility. During our talk, we touch on topics ranging from semantic HTML to sexism, Jen has had an incredible journey and I'm humbled to have had the opportunity to record it. Jen's internet home: https://www.jenluker.com

JavaScript Expert and Content Creator Kent C. Dodds

Kent C. Dodds is known for the huge amount of content he has produced, his open source work, and his high level of productivity. During our conversation, we talk about his humble beginnings and how he built a career on sharing his knowledge. Kent's internet home: https://kentcdodds.com/

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