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Engineer and Instructor Tomasz Łakomy

Tomasz and I have been interacting on Twitter for some time now, so it was a lot of fun to finally speak with him. We talked about his experience getting into JavaScript and eventually becoming an authority on frontend development as well as the impact becoming a speaker has had on his career. Tomasz online:

Developer Advocate Nader Dabit

Nader Dabit is a Developer Advocate working at AWS. He is also an author, blogger, and React Native expert. Nader and I talked a lot about his journey into tech and about the background we both share as technologists living in the southern United States away from the major tech hubs. Nader's internet home:

Software Engineering Manager Kate Taggart

Kate Taggart is an Engineering Manager at Stripe, they come from a very abstract and technical background, which was interesting for me as a self-taught developer. Kate covered their own experiences as an individual contributor and as a manager, comparing and contrasting the two for my benefit. It's probably important to note that I interviewed Kate back in August of 2019, it took me a bit longer than expected to share this one! Kate's internet home:

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